Highland Council housing rent consultation 2016/17

Every year Highland Council asks Housing tenants for their views on how their rent should be spent.

It is important that our rents are affordable, but they also have to provide enough income to ensure that we can provide housing management and repairs and maintenance to houses, as well as covering other housing costs.

Setting rents too low can mean that we cannot afford to provide the services we need to – setting them too high means it is difficult for people to pay their rent – we need to get the balance right.

We would like to hear your views on the Council's proposals for next year’s rent and to find out which housing services are the most important to you.

You can complete the survey through our Facebook consultation at https://www.facebook.com/events/804578922997729/
…or by completing a form at your local service point or ring 01463 702889 to ask for a survey to be sent to you.

The consultation is open until 22 January 2016.

22 Dec 2015