Wick Primary remains closed following flooding

Following prolonged rainfall over the weekend and flooding in areas of Caithness the Highland Council has confirmed that all roads are now open and temporary diversions removed but North Primary School in Wick remains closed.  

On Sunday two Emergency Liaison Group meetings were convened and the combined efforts from the Police, Fire and Rescue Service and the Council’s Community Services team were focussed on Halkirk, Ackergill and North Primary School.  

Throughout the day call outs to 17 residential properties either flooded or threatened with flooding were responded to. Local roads and footpaths were also affected and temporarily closed, with diversions put in place whenever possible.  

Yesterday North Primary School in Wick was closed to pupils and staff after up to 3 inches of water entered the basement and boiler room over the weekend. Although all the water has now been pumped out, the school remains closed while work on the power and heating systems continue.  

The majority of the flooding was caused by drainage systems being overwhelmed which then backed up causing water to pond on the surface.  The dry period overnight allowed the drainage systems to cope with the volume and just about all the flooding has now receded.


12 Jan 2016