Branching Out builds bird boxes

Branching out
With some of their bird boxes are, Clare Thoms, Alastair Davison, Allan Traill, Gay Draper-Rickards, Andrew Menelaws and William Doull.

Branching Out is an innovative, multi-partner, referral programme of woodland activities for people using health services in Caithness. The aim is to get people out in Dunnet Forest to undertake activities, conservation work and exercise. Ultimately leading to members of the group becoming involved in further on-going activities once the ten-week course has finished.

On Friday 29th January, while storm Gertrude raged over Caithness, the ‘Branching Out’ group stayed safely inside the Seadrift Visitor Centre at Dunnet Bay. Timber, kindly provided by the Dunnet Forest Trust, was cut to size by Paul Castle the Highland Council Countryside Ranger and in pairs, the group built nine bird nesting boxes.

Paul Castle said “This fantastic programme gives people in our community, the opportunity to undertake activities which they may otherwise not experience. Our nest box building has not only provided the group with the satisfaction of a job well done, but it will also offer our local bird population a very welcome helping hand.”

1 Feb 2016
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