£2.7 million for roads, bridges and piers in 2016-17

The Council’s Community Services Committee has approved an additional  programme of £2.7 million for the coming year 2016/17.

£2.3 million will be allocated this coming year to re-surfacing, surface dressing and road markings across the Highland network and £0.4 million to bridges in Sutherland (Kylesku) and Lochaber (A884 Achnagavin).

The investment is possible due to the approval by Highland Council in December 2015 of an additional £24.520 million for roads, bridges and piers to be included in the Capital Plan.

The 10-year plan, which will fund some £900 million of projects, will now form the basis of a future rolling programme of capital investment. It will be updated at least annually to allow for new projects to be considered in future years.

Community Services Committee Members also approved the purchase of a “Jetpatcher” with £150,000 from the capital programme, following trials with neighbouring Local Authorities. Over a 10 year period the cost of purchase and in house delivery will provide a saving against the contracted cost of “jetpatching”.

Chair of the Development and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Audrey Sinclair said: “The additional £24.5 million allows investment in our roads, bridges and piers across the Highlands. Every pound we spend on improving our roads, bridges and buildings goes back into the Highland economy and helps to support jobs and growth.”

Chair of Community Services Committee Cllr Allan Henderson added:  “We have over 7000km of non-trunk roads in the Highlands and our road infrastructure is vital to communities. The additional capital funding of £24.5 million is a substantial investment which will significantly help us improve our roads and bridges. This allows for an average annual spend of £2.7 million for improvements and repairs which have been prioritised accordingly.”

Cllr Henderson went on to say: “In future years, Wards will be able to make local decisions about the allocation of their share of this additional funding in line with our localism agenda.”

4 Feb 2016
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