Corran Ferry fares set for 2016-17

Members of the Community Services have considered the outcome of a community consultation on the Corran Ferry which looked at expenditure, fares and the improvement and future operation of the service.

A Ward Forum was held in Stronian in May 2015 which was attended by 35 people and chaired by the Area Committee Chair Cllr Thomas Maclennan. Wider community consultation also took place over the summer.  The consultation considered the introduction of smart ticketing and disabled concessions as well as review of charges for coaches, lorries, drivers, passenger and cyclists.

It is not proposed to pursue charging for drivers, passengers or cyclists, or blue badge holders, at this stage.

Further work is required to assess the whole life costs of a new fixed crossing against a replacement ferry vessel and the Council will work with HITRANS to secure funding for a more detailed study into future options.

Further work on the introduction of more flexible fares and ticketing hardware will also be carried out.

In order to retain the position of income covering costs, a fare increase of 2% for 2016-17 was agreed, subject to the outcome of Council decisions on the budget on 25 February.

4 Feb 2016
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