Tenders invited for Cromarty-Nigg Ferry

Highland Council has invited tenders for a contract for a summer ferry service between Cromarty and Nigg.

The previous operator terminated the service contract just before the start of the 2015 season due to difficulties with sandbanks building up off the slipways and berthing arrangements. It was not possible for the Council to secure a replacement contract for 2015 within the timescales but a commitment was made to re-tender the service for 2016.

Transport staff have met with a community group and have developed alternative vessel specifications and timetable options. A passenger ferry is proposed in case a car ferry provides unaffordable.

Chair of the Community Services Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson said: “There is strong community support for a replacement contract and the community are also keen to include the ferry in marketing activities to promote businesses on both sides of the Firth.

“The ferry route has been well used by tourists and is seen as significant in attracting tourism to the Black Isle and Easter Ross. It also forms part of the National Cycle Network Route 1. It also has the potential to provide transport for  local employees at Nigg and an all-year service could be considered in the future.”

Tenders should be returned by 8 March 2016.

4 Feb 2016
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