Police liaison operation – Portree High School

Police Scotland officers from the Stornoway dog handling section made a planned visit to Portree High School today.

Head Teacher Cath MacDonald said: “We work very closely with the Police in order to keep our pupils as safe and secure as possible. The police dog handling section from Stornoway came into school today with one of their police dogs. We have had the Police dogs in school before - in December 2009 and March 2011.

“This was a purely preventative measure and we welcomed this further opportunity to show our young people that we use all means at our disposal to ensure that we have a drug-free environment. It was part of an information session and showed our pupils what the dog handling section of police Scotland do. The dog searched designated areas of the school and disruption to the school was kept to a minimum.”

She added: “Nothing untoward was found in the school and pupils and staff  were given the opportunity to hear what the dog handling section do and we met the latest canine addition to the team.”

11 Feb 2016
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