Sustainable Drainage Systems survey

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Scottish Natural Heritage and The Highland Council need your help with a short survey about Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

In the past drainage techniques have traditionally been below ground tanks and pipes, which transported water away as quickly as possible, leading to rivers becoming overloaded and causing flooding.

SuDS are designed to act more like natural habitat. They collect rainwater from roofs, roads and pavements in man-made ponds or detention basins where it can be slowly released in to rivers and streams to prevent flooding.

The successful collaboration between Scottish Natural Heritage and Highland Council in 2015 resulted in the identification of forty SuDS ponds and Detention Basins in the Inverness and Culloden area. These sites were assessed in detail for their contribution to biodiversity within the city.

This year we would like to ask local residents to share their experience and understanding of SuDS in their area by completing a short survey at the link below. This information will help us gain a better understanding of these systems and guide future development of these features.

The survey only takes ten minutes to complete and is an opportunity for people to have their say about these systems and how they are working.

For more information about this work or the Inverness SuDS project contact Marcia Rae at or telephone 07753352400.

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12 Feb 2016
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