Grantown Community Council Elections

Residents living in and around Grantown on Spey have the opportunity to elect who will represent them on the Grantown and Spey and Vicinity Community Council.

There are 9 places on the Community Council and as 11 people have been nominated, The Highland Council is running a postal ballot. 

Ballot papers will be issued by post on Wednesday 17 February to the 2,002 registered electors and must be returned in the pre-paid envelope provided by 12 noon on Thursday 3 March 2016. The votes will be counted on Friday 4 March.

The community councillor role is voluntary with meetings usually held monthly in the evening.  The key roles of community councils are:

• To represent the views of the community to The Highland Council and other public bodies operating in their area 

• To act to further the interests of their communities 

• To be consulted on planning applications within their area

• To consider exercising their powers to object to the granting, renewal or transfer of liquor licences

The counting of the votes will be held on Friday 4 March 2016 in Talla Nan Ros, King Street, Kingussie at 10.00a.m and all candidates are invited to come along to watch the votes being counted.  Community Councillors shall be elected on a simple majority basis.  The successful candidates will be those with the highest number of votes, with the number of successful Candidates equalling the number of vacancies.

16 Feb 2016
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