Committee considers way forward for Stromeferry Bypass project

Following submission of the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) Report on the Stromeferry Bypass project by The Highland Council to Transport Scotland , feedback was received suggesting that the STAG report be redrafted to be more targeted in terms of transport objectives and solutions to overcome the specific rockfall area.

The original STAG report submitted included corridor improvements to the local road network which went beyond solving the problem of the immediate area prone to landslides and rock falls. The revised STAG which will now be submitted is more targeted and focuses on objectives to overcome the rock fall area, with solutions of lower cost due to their reduce lengths.

During the discussion on how to move forward with the project the Leader of the Council, Councillor Margaret Davidson confirmed that she had sent a letter to Derek Mackay Minister for Transport and Islands requesting a meeting to discuss the Stromeferry project and had received a reply advising her that he would meet once the targeted STAG had been submitted and they had had a chance to consider it. Members of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee will have another opportunity to discuss the project and consider more fully funding implications after this meeting.

Chair, Councillor Audrey Sinclair said: “Until we get information about possible funding from the Scottish Government we can’t make any final decisions but this more targeted submission certainly is the best opportunity we have to get funding. Once we hear back from the Minister it will be up to the Committee members to decide how to go forward but the financial implications for the options will be much clearer. A lot of hard work has been done to date on this project so I would like to thank officers and the local communities for their input and give them the reassurance that we are committed to finding a solution.”

17 Feb 2016
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