Open day at Margaret Carnegie Hostel, Portree

Former pupils and staff are being invited to an open day at the Margaret Carnegie Hostel in Portree, Isle of Skye on Saturday 5 March from 11am – 4pm.

Opened in 1933-34, the hostel was originally for girls attending Portree High School whose homes were too far from school to travel on a daily basis.

The building was originally the poorhouse for the parish and operated as such from 1860 until it was taken over by the Carnegie Foundation in 1933. The building continued to be operated as a residence for girls until it recently became a mixed unit for boys and girls.

The residence will close in April 2016 and the young people will move to the newly refurbished building that was formerly the Elgin Hostel.

There open day on 5 March is intended to allow former pupils and staff to take a final walk down memory lane. Teas and coffees will be provided throughout the day.

26 Feb 2016
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