Highland Council Leader welcomes progress on improving digital connectivity

Speaking today at the Convention of the Highlands and Islands in Stornoway, Leader of The Highland Council, Cllr Margaret Davidson welcomed the progress that was being made on the commitment to deliver 4G mobile coverage across Highland, she said:

“I am pleased at the progress being made by the mobile phone operators and the extent of their planned coverage and mast upgrades, this is very welcome news and will be of huge benefit to individuals, businesses and communities.”

Good progress is also being made to deliver broadband to a minimum of 84% of Highland premises by the end of 2016.

Councillor Davidson added: “While I welcome this commitment, there is a pressing need to identify those areas of Highland that will not be reached as part of this contract and establish a clear plan of action to ensure that those communities who do not yet have access to effective broadband do not miss out. It is absolutely critical that that all communities across Highland can access superfast broadband.”

The Highland Council recognises the importance of digital connectivity and has asked Government as part of the City-Region Deal to create a joint action plan to deliver the best digitally connected rural region in Europe through accelerated provision of effective broadband and mobile coverage across the whole region through the establishment of a Joint Digital Highland Action Plan. 

7 Mar 2016
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