‘Exotic’ partnership helps Inverness charity and school


(ltor) Nick Martin, Founder Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue receives a cheque from Charleston Academy pupils Julia Lesley, Timothy Betts, Nathan Bullimore and Mr William Burnside, ASN Teacher looking on.

An Inverness school has been busy raising money for a new and unique partnership with a locally based charity, Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue.

Charleston Academy pupils recently collected over £400 to support the work of the charity through a sponsored walk which took place on 26 February and will be participating in future fundraising events.

Head Teacher Chris O’Neill explained: “We are always looking at innovative ways to support pupils and this new partnership with Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue aims to help pupils with Additional Support Needs through a Pet Care Programme we are developing. It is having an incredibly positive impact with our pupils.”

In return for the school’s fundraising support, Nick Martin, Founder of Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue (and his vast array of exotic animals) works with pupils to provide unique learning opportunities. Students also visit the rescue centre regularly where they are developing skills for work and the wider world while working with the animals.

Pupils enjoyed seeing a massive albino python, tarantula, scorpion and other animals rescued by the charity when Nick Martin visited the school.

Richard Smith, Principal Teacher Support for Learning added: “This has been a very, unique, successful and productive partnership that Charleston Academy and Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue are keen to develop.

For further information on Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue visit: http://www.creaturesgreatandsmall.co.uk/

8 Mar 2016
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