Avoid falling foul of financial harm

Watch the video on financial harm and people you know:

Part one of a video on rogue traders

Part two of a video on rogue traders

Staff from a range of agencies who work with vulnerable adults in Highland have been getting training to help prevent people falling foul of financial scams.

In another example of integrated working involving NHS Highland, Police Scotland and Trading Standards, the training included films, presentations and discussions, and provided staff with advice and guidance on how to spot and prevent financial harm.

NHS Highland adult support and protection (ASP) training officer Les Hood said: “Financial harm is when someone takes your money or things when you don’t want them to. The training we held throughout Highland focused on harm from people you don’t know, such as bogus traders and internet scams, and from those whom you are familiar with, like family and friends.

“The Highland Adult Support and Protection Committee are supporting the national adult protection campaign which was launched in February to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the protection of vulnerable adults.”

According to ASP legislation, an adult at risk is a person over 16 years of age who is unable to safeguard their own wellbeing, their property, rights or other interests; is more vulnerable to being harmed due to a disability, illness, or mental ill-health and when there is a current risk of harm in their life situation.

Mr Hood added: “Financial harm can include theft, fraud and extortion. We want to spread the message on how you can avoid falling foul of financial scams, and have produced a series of videos you can watch on the NHS Highland YouTube channel.

“One of the videos focus on a vulnerable adult being taken advantage of financially by someone they know, and another highlights how to identify rogue traders.

“These are both issues which happen on a daily basis across Highland and throughout Scotland. Prevention is better than cure and we hope that the skills we have passed on to staff and members of the public via our videos will help to prevent financial harm happening to vulnerable adults in Highland and beyond.”

17 Mar 2016