Proposed closure of Achfary Primary School

The Highland Council is to seek the views of local communities on the future of Achfary Primary School which has been mothballed since the summer of 2012.

Members of the Council's Education, Children and Adult Services Committee have agreed to undertake a public consultation on a proposal to formally close the school.

Under the proposal children would attend Kinlochbervie Primary School, which is around 15 miles away. In practice pupils from the Achfary catchment have been attending either Kinlochbervie Primary School or Scourie Primary School since July 2012.

The consultation will take place under procedures set down in The Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010. The views of parents, school pupils, the local community and others will be sought over a period extending from 11 April to 24 May 2016. A public meeting will be held in Achfary on 26 April.

The proposal paper and associated documentation will be available on the Highland Council website from 11 April, on the Council’s website at

17 Mar 2016
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