Update on River Lochy and Caol Flood Protection Scheme

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Yesterday (Wednesday 23 March) The Highland Council carried out public drop-in sessions in Kilmallie Free Church in Caol to update the public on progress with the planned flood protection scheme for Caol and Lochyside which will provide greater protection for up to 300 homes.

The height and position of the proposed flood scheme has been demonstrated by full scale mock-ups of the proposed flood protection. The walls and earthworks bund will provide protection against a 1:200 year storm event and incorporates allowances for climate change. The sea wall is also designed to minimise waves overtopping the defences.

The draft Flood Protection Scheme drawings and operations were available for inspection as well as a 3D visualisation and landscape architects impressions of how the flood protection proposals will look. The 3D visualisation and architects drawings are available on the Highland Councils web site at http://www.highland.gov.uk/info/1210/environment/80/flood_alleviation_schemes/4

The Council intends to publish the Flood Protection Scheme on May 3rd 2016. The plans and documents that are published will be available for inspection by the public, the location of which will be made clear in the public notice. Those with an interest in any land affected by the flood scheme will be issued with an individual notice.

The publication of the Flood Protection Scheme starts a 28 day objection period where any interested party can make written representations to the Council concerning the scheme. The outcome of the formal objection period will then be reported to Council Committee. There is no requirement to obtain a separate planning permission for the Scheme as the Scottish Government will confirm deemed planning consent for any scheme which has been through the statutory Flood Protection Scheme procedure.

The proposed scheme forms part of the Councils Local Flood Risk Management Plan and the Caol and Lochyside scheme is one of a number of schemes in Highland which will be implemented within the next 6 years. The Council hopes to proceed to construction of the scheme in 2018 following the completion of the statutory process and detailed design.

24 Mar 2016
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