Pause and review of museum cladding

The Highland Council is to review proposals for the aluminium cladding of the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery in the light of recent development and acknowledging public feedback.

With the recent announcements of the new Justice Centre and confirmation of the City-Region Deal, there are now opportunities to review how money can be best spent on improving both the castle and the museum and art gallery. Decisions for the future use of the castle as a tourist attraction are yet to be finalised following a recent consultation and this could also possibly have a bearing on the museum and art gallery.

Following consideration of these developments and listening to public opinion, Highland Council leader Margaret Davidson and Provost of Inverness Helen Carmichael have requested a pause and review of the cladding process.

Provost Helen Carmichael said: “In the light of these very positive and exciting new developments, it is wise that we pause and review any current plans for the museum and art gallery. It remains important that every pound we spend on regenerating the city centre gives us value for money and an outcome that everyone will be delighted with.”

Officers will now work with High Life Highland to review all options for the museum and art gallery in the light of these new developments.  

31 Mar 2016