Stronger Sutherland

Sutherland and Edderton Members of The Highland Council have set aside £15k of funding to let the local communities decide for themselves which projects are needed in their area. Whether you want to organise a club for young people, a healthy living project, a crime prevention idea, a lunch club for older residents, a community arts project, the only limit is your imagination.

How do you apply?

To apply for between £100 and £1,500 for your project you must submit your application before 6pm on Friday 22 April 2016. If your idea fits, the community will vote to decide which ideas to fund at an event to be held on Saturday 21th May 2016 in The Community Centre, Main Street Lairg, starting at 10:30am, doors open at 10am.

At the event you will be invited to talk about your idea to the community. Those in attendance will then vote on all the applications and a decision will be made on the day.

Chair of the Sutherland County Committee, Councillor Graham Phillips who sits on the local Steering group said; “This is an intriguing experiment, trying out a new way of funding, local projects. I hope we will discover unexpected ideas, especially the sort of small project that wouldn’t normally think of applying to the Ward Discretionary Budget.”

Application Forms can be downloaded from the Highland Council web site at or by contacting VG-East Sutherland ,01408 633001 or CVS North or ,, 01971511783, who will also be able to provide information and assistance with the application process.


4 Apr 2016
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