Changes at City Recycling Centre

From 16th May householders who wish to take their waste to Inverness Recycling Centre in a van, pickup truck, sign written vehicle and/or a trailer will be required to complete a Household Waste Declaration form before visiting the site or face being turned away.

The move, approved by the Community Services Committee, aims to improve the operation of Recycling Centres by eliminating illegal practice from commercial operators, increase recycling and improve skip availability at peak times for householders. The change follows a successful trial of the scheme at Alness and Dingwall Recycling Centres which resulted in a significant drop in the amount of waste going through both sites.

Councilor Allan Henderson, Chair of Community Services said: “Recycling Centres are provided for householder generated waste only. Waste disposed of through the Council’s network of Recycling Centres costs around £150 a tonne in landfill tax and disposal charges so we have a duty to ensure that the costs of disposal of waste from businesses are borne by the waste producer and not Council tax payers.”

He added: “We realise that some householders do make use of vans, pickups, sign written vehicles and trailers for disposal of their own personal waste but from 16th May those arriving at the Inverness site, as well as Alness and Dingwall, must first complete a Household Waste Declaration form and bring it with them or they will be refused entry.”

Householders planning to visit Inverness Recycling Centre in a van, pickup truck, or a sign written vehicle or trailer can pick up a form at Council Service Points in Inverness, Ardersier, Fort Augustus and Dingwall. Forms will also be available at the entrance of the Highland Council Depot, 33 Lotland Street, Inverness. They can also download a form at or request one via The Highland Council Service Centre on 01349 886603.

The Highland Council Recycling Centres cannot accept waste that has arisen as part of a commercial activity so if you are planning to get a contractor to carry out home improvements, you should first check what their plans are for the recycling or disposal of waste and that the cost is included in their quote. It is their legal responsibility to arrange for the appropriate disposal of all waste that is generated as a result of their business activity.

All householders are also advised to be careful when they get someone else to remove rubbish from their homes, whether paid or unpaid. The person doing the work must be a registered waste carrier with SEPA and be able to provide you with a Waste Transfer Note detailing where the waste will be disposed of. If your waste is found to be illegally disposed of you can be held liable as well as the person who collected your waste.

The Council will be conducting checks on items brought to the Recycling Centre, including bagged waste, and will be helping householders to separate out their material recycling.

Commercial Customers can continue to use their free recycling permit to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, metal tin/cans, garden waste, glass, textiles, wood and scrap metal but should bring their permit with them.

For further information about recycling in The Highland Council area visit: , email or call 01349 886603.

18 Apr 2016
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