Lords of the Dance wildlife watching event in Badenoch

The Highland Council Countryside Rangers are inviting families and individuals outdoors for a chance to witness one of life’s amazing displays this weekend in Badenoch. Although the event involves any early 5am start, it is hoped people coming along will be rewarded with some beautiful dancing from the rather elusive Black Grouse. These wonderful birds like to strut their stuff in front of the females to show how strong and virile they are. They jump, twirl and fluff their feathers to a silent orchestra only they can hear.

Countryside Ranger Saranne Bish who will be leading the event said: “We’ll set off good and early before it gets light to settle ourselves in with a cuppa and muffin. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see the display but even better would be a female or two and perhaps even a Capercaille. The lovely burbling sounds of other birds will hopefully also be audible. Let’s hope we hear curlew, lapwings and anything else interesting to make it worth our while at such an early start.”

The wildlife watching event takes place from 5am to 7am on Saturday 30 April and the cost is £4.50 for adults, £3.50 concession and £11/£15 for families. Booking in advance is essential by contacting Saranne on 01479873914 or by e-mail at saranne.bish@highland.gov.uk.

Anyone coming should make sure they wear warm clothes including hat, gloves and boots and bring along a pair of binoculars if they have any. Details of where to meet up will be given out at the time of booking.


The Countryside Rangers run many events and guided walks which aim to help raise awareness and encourage appreciation of the scenery, wildlife and heritage of the Highlands. A programme of Ranger Guided Walks and Events is on the council’s website at: www.highland.gov.uk/countrysiderangerevents






25 Apr 2016
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