What’s best for West Inverness Ward?

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If you live in the Inverness West ward and have an idea about how to make your local area a better place, “Your Ward, Your Cash – What’s best for West” is your chance to put your idea into action. Inverness West Councillors have agreed to allocate £10,000, which has been topped with a further £1000 from The Charleston Community Foundation to put on the City’s first Participatory Budget Event with the public deciding how grants of between £100 and £1500 are allocated.  

The fund is open to any local community, voluntary or non-profit organisations that are based in Inverness West. Projects can be large or small, add value to existing projects or be something completely new.

Projects that meet the eligibility criteria will be asked to present their ideas at a “Your Ward, Your Cash – What’s Best for West “community event on Saturday 25th June 2016, 10:30am in the Kinmylies Church, Inverness, where local residents will vote to decide which projects should be funded.

Councillor Graham Ross, who is a member of the Inverness West Organising group said: “Not only does the “Your Ward, Your Cash – What’s best for West” Grant Fund allow organisations in Inverness West access to funding, but the community will decide the projects that are supported. By localising the decision-making, the projects that are funded will be a reflection of the communities’ priorities in the local area.

The process looks to go beyond being a method to support projects and ideas as we hope bringing communities together to decide will act as a catalyst for new collaboration in the area. I would encourage all groups to consider putting in an application. The application process is easy and there is a range of support available.”

Application forms can be downloaded from the Highland Council Website at


If you need information or assistance with the application please contact:

Carol or Fran at Charleston Academy Community Complex: 01463220128

Or come along anytime between 10am and 12noon – 21st May for a Drop in Application Workshop session at the Charleston Community Complex.

The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd June

17 May 2016
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