Noss Primary school closed for pupil safety

The Highland Council advises parents and carers of pupils at Noss Primary School in Wick that unfortunately the school will remain closed until Monday 30 May 2016.

To ensure the safety of pupils and staff works are being carried out over the next few days including pressure testing of both the hot water and heating systems.

This will take all of Thursday, Friday and may also involve work on Saturday. As a consequence, the school will not reopen until Monday 30th May.

Graham Nichols, Care & Learning Manager North & Mid Areas said: “While this is disappointing, the testing will give us confidence in the integrity of the water systems, and allow additional time for the building to dry out.”

The Council was forced to close Noss Primary School yesterday (24 May) and today (25 May) due to a significant failure of a hot water connection to the heating system located in the ceiling of the east wing resulting in significant water damage, and no heating.

25 May 2016
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