Sutherland residents cast their vote and community projects receive funding

Residents of Sutherland had the chance to cast their votes on Saturday (21 May 2016) at the Stronger Sutherland participatory budgeting event held in Lairg community centre.

Over 50 people took part in deciding which projects should be supported from the £15,000 that was available. 9 out of the 33 groups who put their projects forward have been successful and will now receive funding to help put their ideas into action.

All applicants gave a 4-minute pitch to make their case for funding, then attendees were asked to vote for the seven projects that they thought would help improve local communities.

Chair of the Sutherland County Committee, Councillor Graham Phillips who sits on the local Steering group said:  “Local residents have decided what projects they think will benefit their local area. This is the first time we have tried anything like this in Sutherland and it was great to see people coming from all corners of the County.

“Having an event like this is more than just a new way of distributing funding.  The real benefits are engaging larger numbers of local people, reaching new groups, funding new and different projects, and creating an opportunity for the community to come together.

“The event showcased all the fantastic work that community groups do locally and I am extremely grateful for everyone who came along and made the day such an excellent success. ”

The successful bids were awarded as follows:

  • Scourie Community Hall Association  - Refurbishment of Scourie Village Hall
  • Lairg Eco Group - Outdoor Classroom
  • Rogart Cinema -  Upgrading to larger screen size for Cinema
  • Lairg Pupil Council - School Sign
  • Kinlochbervie Community Company - Regeneration of 17 Manse Road in Kinlochbervie
  • Silver Rock Foundation - Soundwaves Music/Drama Workshops for deaf youngsters
  • Sutherland Youth Forum - Sutherland Youth Forum bi-monthly meetings
  • Sutherland Sessions - Sutherland Sessions Presents
  • Lairg Table Tennis Club - Lairg Tennis Court improvements

A video of the event is available on YouTube:

31 May 2016