Webcasting of City of Inverness Area Committee to continue

Inverness Councillors have agreed that meetings of The Highland Council’s, City of Inverness Area Committee will continue to be webcast.

Provost and Leader of the City of Inverness Cllr Helen Carmichael said: “The Council has a commitment to ensure that decision making processes are as open and transparent as possible and I am pleased that the City of Inverness Area Committee will continue to ensure that our meetings are accessible as possible.”

This will enable the public to view ‘live streaming’ of the meetings via the internet and also to view archived copies for up to 1 year after each meeting.

At The Highland Council meeting of December 2015 it was decided that each of the Council’s 8 local committees would decide whether to webcast or not. The decision taken today at Inverness Town House makes the City of Inverness Committee the only local committee choosing to webcast.

On average over the past year 52 live viewers and 54 archive viewers watched each City of Inverness Area Committee compared to the overall average for the former area committees of 28 live and 55 archive viewers.

Due to the Council’s current procurement of webcasting facilities, Members have agreed to hold the September and December 2016 City of Inverness Area Committee meetings at Council headquarters in Glenurquhart Road, Inverness and to webcast direct from there.

From early 2017 onwards, meetings held at the Town House will be video-conferenced and then webcast via the Council’s Headquarters when the Council’s unified communications project makes this possible.

2 Jun 2016
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