Muir of Ord railway bridge replacement - beam installation

* UPDATE 17/06/16: The planned placing of beams this weekend has been cancelled. No further information is currently available on when the works will take place. *

Contractors for The Highland Council - George Leslie Ltd - are planning to install precast concrete beams this weekend for the Muir of Ord railway bridge replacement project. 

Works will start around 2am to 9am on Sunday 19 June and complete around midnight to 4am on Monday 20 June. The timings have been granted by Network Rail.

Twelve beams of 10m and 20m length will be lifted by 350 tonne crane from lorries on Fairmuir Road, over the existing road and placed on new abutment and pier supports. The new beams will form the main structural elements of the new bridge.

For public safety, all motorists and pedestrians will be prevented access for short periods of time during the works. A traffic management plan will be put in place which will involve manual operation of traffic lights by the contractor. 

A safe viewing area will be made available for any onlookers. Occupants of all neighbouring properties have been informed.

The works will continue -  over further weekends and nights -  including more lifts of smaller concrete elements in the coming weeks.


16 Jun 2016
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