Highland Council issues a statement setting out its position on the EU

The Highland Council today considered the impact of Thursday’s vote for the UK to leave the European Union.

Members noted the expected implications for Highland of the UK decision to leave the European Union and agreed to meet as appropriate to consider possible scenarios and initiate contingency planning.

The following statement from the Council was agreed by Members.

“Highland Council believes that the Highlands is a well educated, innovative and resilient area and is open to business and new business opportunities.

“We will carefully monitor developments as the withdrawal from Europe begins and will demonstrate leadership for our communities as we plan and prepare for our future. 

“Highland Council wishes to reassure everyone of all cultures, races and communities that they are valued members of our Community and we will continue to welcome migrants into Highland.

“This Council will endorse and support the endeavours of the Scottish Parliament to maintain and protect Highland’s and Scotland’s position within the European Union.”

Leader of the Council, Councillor Margaret Davidson said:

“The result of the referendum on Thursday will have considerable consequences for us all over the coming months and years.  This paper sets out some of the current European funding we benefit from as well as a number of risks and impacts.

“We will be working as a Council to explore what this decision might mean for the Highlands and how we can best respond to that.

“We need to promote confidence and be as positive as we can be. The drop in sterling will indeed mean it will be easier for Highland businesses to export and for foreign tourists to come and visit the Highlands.”

She continued: “Council business and services will continue as usual and we will endeavour to provide as much stability as we can during the uncertain times ahead. We will do what we can, working with the Cities Alliance and community planning partners, to prepare for the future.”

The paper discussed can be viewed on the Council website. 

Note to Editors: Members voted on an amendment to include the final paragraph with 24 for the motion, 32 for the amendment and 1 abstention.

29 Jun 2016