Improvement works at Inshes completed

Road improvements at the busy Inshes junction in Inverness have been completed and the Council is thanking drivers for their understanding and co-operation during the works which began in April this year.

The Council worked with AECOM to carry out Traffic Modelling to find the best solution.

The clearly marked new localised flarings on the approach to the existing roundabout, along with new traffic lights and pedestrian crossings will make the route easier for drivers, cyclist and pedestrians to navigate.

Although the actual resurfacing work was completed a couple of weeks ago, lane lining and the commissioning of a pedestrian crossingwere finalised this week.

The work was carried out by Breedon Aggregates Scotland Ltd and the council has praised them for not only ensuring traffic flowed during the work but for completing the project ahead of schedule and on budget.


7 Jul 2016
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