Sentencing of Lanna Monaghan - Glasgow High Court 

Police Scotland and the Highland Child Protection Committee acknowledge the sentence received by Lanna Monaghan today at Glasgow High Court for charges including physical assault of a child.

Following a report from NSPCC from a woman who had reported significant injuries to a 3 year-old child, Police Scotland and Highland Council social workers commenced an immediate investigation. Monaghan inflicted physical and emotional abuse on the child but hid this from public view until the investigation. She admitted the offences and was found guilty at Edinburgh High Court on Wednesday, 25th May, 2016.

Detective Inspector Nicola MacKenzie of Public Protection Unit said:

“This particularly harrowing case has thankfully reached a conclusion. Officers and partner agencies investigating the dreadful consequences of Monaghan’s actions are to be commended for their thorough and sensitive approach; resulting in the victim’s physical ordeal swiftly coming to an end and Monaghan’s subsequent arrest.

“The cruelty demonstrated by Monaghan, a mother against a defenceless child, will understandably shock and sadden communities in the Highlands and beyond. As part of Police Scotland's commitment to keeping people safe I'd urge anyone with concerns about a child or young person's safety to contact Police, Social Work or the NSPCC.”

Detective Chief Inspector Vince McLaughlin, Chair of the Highland Child Protection Committee said:

"The alert we received about the safety of this young child enabled child protection agencies to respond and act quickly and decisively, to take action to protect this child. That outcome, along with the outcome of Ms Monaghan’s sentence today, has been achieved through the effective collaboration of all of our agencies."

Sandra Campbell, Head of Children’s Services, Highland Council, said

“This child is now legally protected and cared for, and will receive support to help him overcome the longer-term effects of his experiences. All concerned have found this a very difficult case and are content to have played a part in safeguarding his future.”

11 Jul 2016
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