Area Chair hopes for prosperous future for Lochaber

Chair of the Lochaber Area Committee, Cllr Thomas Maclennan represents The Highland Council on Rio Tinto’s Lochaber Land Review Group, which was set up as part of their Strategic Review. He said:


“Nearly a 100 years ago the British Aluminium Company made a huge investment in the future of Lochaber. It would cost billions of pounds in today's money to build all the dams, tunnels and factories that were created in Lochaber at that time.


“It is really important that this investment is not wasted and that a solution or solutions can be found which not just build on that investment, but which may create new opportunities and jobs in this part of the Highlands. Whatever decision Rio Tinto's strategic review arrives at, my number one priority is that a robust, secure and prosperous future is forged for this area and I hope Lochaber will benefit positively from these imminent decisions for the next 100 years.” 



12 Jul 2016
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