Grass cutting options to be considered

Amenity grass cutting is carried out by both contracted staff and in-house staff.  The contracted work is carried out through various contracts and the current contracts expire next  year.  

In the meantime, the Council has moved to an eight Local Committee structure, together with the disaggregation of several Community Services budgets, including grounds maintenance.  This is to give local area committees more choice and control over how budgets are prioritised and spent locally, in line with the Council’s commitment to increased localism.

 The Council is also working through a significant re-design process that may have implications for this and other services. 

 Members have expressed an interest in exploring the possibility of bringing some or all of the grass cutting service in-house.  

 Councillor Allan Henderson, Chair of the Community Services Committee said: “We are in a period of significant change and under pressure from reducing resources. At Community Services committee in August Members will be invited to consider options for grass cutting going forward.  Given the current financial climate, affordability will be an important consideration.”

21 Jul 2016