Duncan Forbes Primary

The Highland Council is able to confirm that Duncan Forbes Primary School in Inverness will open on Thursday 18 August.

The Council apologised to pupil and parents earlier this week, as roofing repairs and refurbishment work during the holidays, had over-run. There is still work to be completed, but teachers and contractors have worked hard over this week to ensure that the school building is safe, and able to re-open to pupils.

Chair of Highland Council’s Education, Children & Adult Services Committee, Cllr Drew Millar said: “The Council has apologised that the school was not able to open earlier this week, and I am grateful for the effort and endeavour of many staff, to ensure that it can open on Thursday. We intend this refurbishment work to provide the best possible facilities, and we also needed to make sure that the building was entirely safe for children and staff. I am sure that the children are looking forward to getting back into school, and it will of course be a very special day for the new Primary 1 pupils.

“Lots of Highland schools have benefited from refurbishment work over the holidays, and thousands of children will be returning this term to improved environments. I shall be updating my colleague Councillors with many good news stories. It is unfortunate that the experience at Duncan Forbes has not been so good, and we shall be talking to our partners to understand how this came about.”

17 Aug 2016
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