Local priorities under the spotlight at Sutherland County Committee

Following a “Priorities for Sutherland” workshop held in Lairg at the start of the month, today (Tuesday 30 August) local councillors had the chance to discuss in more detail the list of strategic priorities drawn up in order to give more of a voice for Sutherland and its people.

The list includes a wide range of topics including transport, the coastal environment, economic development, infrastructure, employment, fragile communities, supporting vulnerable children and adults and promoting engagement with communities.

“Chair of the Committee, Councillor Graham Phillips said:  “Anyone can draw up a wish list but the workshop we took part in earlier this month helped us to really focus on what we could realistically achieve by working collectively with communities and a wide range of partners.  We are in a fortunate position, being able to draw on the results of the 2009 Sutherland Summit, which identified many of the themes we now intend to take forward.”

The Depute Leader of The Highland Council, Councillor Alasdair Rhind joined them to discuss with the Committee their key issues and what the Council can do to help progress these.  He said: “Due to the nature and geographical spread of the Highlands each local area is unique so coming along today to hear more about issues effecting people living and working in Sutherland has given me a much better feel of the work needed to remove barriers and address problems specific to the area.  Having a clear plan of priorities is a good way to concentrate efforts and the Council will do all it can to support local members and the people of Sutherland as they take this forward.”


30 Aug 2016
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