Members consider potential economic impact if Fort George Barracks were to be closed

Members of The Highland Council have agreed to continue to lobby the UK Government on the future of the Fort George Military Barracks.

There is speculation over the future of Fort George as an active military barracks as a result of the UK Government defence estate “foot print” review.

It is estimated that a closure could have an impact of the loss of around 600 jobs and nearly £15million from the local economy. There could be a wider impact on local school rolls and community involvement.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Margaret Davidson said: “The uncertainty over the future of Fort George is extremely worrying. There would be significant economic implications if the military barracks were to be closed, and this could be a double blow to the whole region if the barracks in Moray were also affected by the UK Government’s review. I will be continuing to raise our concerns at the highest level.”


8 Sep 2016
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