Volunteers improve access along the coast

group photo
Photo caption: Members of the Caithness Countryside Volunteers, Friends of the John O’Groats Trail and local farmer/landowner Jim Magregor who kindly gave permission for the works to take place.

Members of the Caithness Countryside Volunteers teamed up with the Friends of the John O’Groats Trail on Sunday morning to improve access along a section of coastline in the Latheron area, cutting back dense gorse and building stiles to improve access for walkers.

The works on Sunday contribute to establishing a long distance walking route from Inverness to John O’Groats and other work days are planned in the future.


The Highland Council’s Ranger Marina Swanson said: “I was delighted with such an amazing turn out of volunteers. Sixteen people gave up their Sunday morning and worked extremely hard to remove dense gorse which previously blocked access along the coast. The new stiles also make access easier for walkers and will ultimately encourage more people to get out and about to enjoy our dramatic coastal scenery. The efforts of our volunteers are very much appreciated and it would not be possible to carry out the work without them.”

The Caithness Countryside Volunteers is organised through the Highland Council’s Planning & Development Countryside Rangers and is always looking for new members. If you wish to find out more about the group, please contact Marina Swanson on 01955604588 or e-mail marina.swanson@highland.gov.uk

If you are specifically interested in work of the Friends of the John O’Groats Trail please email Jay Wilson at jbw243@gmail.com




13 Sep 2016
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