Warning about phishing scam

Issued by NHS Highland
NHS Highland has been alerted to a phishing scam happening in the UK which appears to be targeting cardiology patients who have home monitoring.

The national British Heart Rhythm Society has sent an email to all members warning of the scam which was brought to their attention by a cardiologist. A patient had received a phone call from an individual saying that the “box/equipment” was not working due to “dust.”  

The patient was offered the opportunity to replace it and offered the option of purchasing a five year warranty for £140 or a lifetime warranty for £167. The patient believed the call was genuine and paid £167. They then called the hospital to check the “problem had been fixed.”

Fiona Dawson, principal cardiac physiologist for NHS Highland, said: “I would like to assure our patients that under no circumstances would the NHS or any company we work with be making these calls and charging patients for warranties.

“Please be advised if anyone contacts you trying to do this do not engage, hang up the call and alert the NHS Counter Fraud team.”

The NHS Counter Fraud team, who are aware of this scam, can be contacted on 08000 15 16 28.

9 Sep 2016