Response to Skills and Enterprise Review

The Highland Council has stressed the need to retain a regional economic development focus in its response to the Scottish Government’s Enterprise and Skills Review.

The Council works closely with HIE and has developed a good working partnership with them, recognising their experience and expertise. Most recently this has been evidenced through the joint approach on the City-Region Deal, the Inverness Campus, and Caithness and Sutherland Regeneration Partnership.

Chair of the Planning Development and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Audrey Sinclair said: “It is critical to retain a dedicated regional economic development focus in the Highlands, especially given the nature of the challenges facing the Highlands and Islands, particularly in relation to its unique geography, remoteness and small dispersed communities and economies.

“Reviews can be helpful in identifying positive opportunities for change and there is scope to do things differently. The review offers the opportunity to deepen partnerships through embedding a joint approach and creating a “Team Highland” culture and way of operating between HIE, the Highland Council and other strategic partners.

“In relation to economic and community development, while there is already significant collaboration, there are a number of areas which could be strengthened, including matching public resources to local priorities.”

The response to the Review is published on the Highland Council website at:


28 Sep 2016