Visit to site of former Fort William Primary School

Cllr Murphy & Cllr MacLennan visit the site

Before the start of today’s Lochaber Committee the Chair, Councillor Thomas MacLennan and Councillor Brian Murphy took the opportunity to visit the site of the former Fort William Primary School

The B-listed building became vacant during 2015 when the pupils transferred to the newly-built Lundavra Primary School.  

An application by The Highland Council for planning permission and Listed Building Consent will shortly be submitted.

If permission is granted, the project would see the building being converted to provide a new Archive and Search Room (currently situated in Lochaber College), records store, meeting room and offices for a public sector partner. 
The anticipated project cost for conversion of the former Primary School is £1,500,000 with some being funded by an external partner.

A report will be presented to Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee on 2nd November presenting the business case for the conversion and seeking the necessary funding.



19 Oct 2016
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