Public have their say on next phase for Inshes Park

The Highland Council held a public drop-in session yesterday in Inshes Church, Inverness to provide outline plans for the next phase of development for Inshes District Park. The first phase of the park has been a huge success providing opportunities for recreation and leisure and has attracted large numbers of people who use the park regularly. Following the opening of Phase 1, Inshes Community Association has been active in attracting funding to provide play equipment and has provided a focus for community involvement.

Phases 2 and 3 of the park will provide additional space and opportunities which will link the existing park to the wider community in Milton of Leys. Plans were available at the public display to outline the proposals and gather feedback on what local aspirations are for the park. Officials thank the members of the public who came along to give their views and ideas.

The feedback will be collated and the plans finalised with a view to carrying out works in 2017. The proposed planting would then take place in the period between November 2017 and March 2018. Phase 2 is planned to be opened in summer 2018. The park is funded mainly from developer contributions which provide money for the land, infrastructure and planting. An environmental improvement grant from Avondale Environmental Services has also part funded the project to supplement the developer contributions.  The development of Phase 3 will follow as funding allows.

25 Oct 2016
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