Council agrees motion to install a defibrillator


The Highland Council has today agreed a motion to install a defibrillator in HQ Inverness.

The following motion was agreed:

“As we approach the point where 50% of Highlanders will soon be over the age of 45, we need to consider the fact that the likelihood of a heart attack is increasing for us.  It is therefore vital that we have the correct life-saving equipment on premises where we employ large numbers of people, as well as in all areas across Highland, including rural areas. 

Some businesses are taking steps to introduce Defibrillators into the workplace, as well as some communities fund-raising to place them in their locales. Whilst Highland Council has taken steps to place Defibrillators in some schools and a few of its offices, there are none in the HQ building.

Council agrees to install a Defibrillator in its HQ offices immediately and look at how it can assist in rolling out these machines to other locations across the Highlands”.

Signed by: Ms M Smith, Mr I Brown, Mr K Gowans

27 Oct 2016
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