Rural Inverness Communities Convention

Local rural community representatives, groups, and sports clubs will gather on Tuesday 8 November at Smithton Church for the inaugural Rural Inverness Communities Convention where they will discuss the needs of their communities and learn from and share with others about projects currently being developed by community organisations. 

This is a good opportunity to find out what’s happening in communities across the rural Inverness area and to get advice and ideas about projects which community may want to develop. 

The convention is an opportunity for rural communities to feed in to the Inverness Community Partnership, a multi-agency partnership being led by the Council as agreed at The City of Inverness Area Committee in September, to ensure effective collaborative working by public agencies in delivering services. 

Councillor Helen Carmichael, Provost and Leader of the City of Inverness and interim Chairperson of Inverness Community Partnership said: “The Council is aware that communities are increasingly doing things for themselves by developing services that are set up to specifically meet their particular needs. These services range from out of school care for children to home care for vulnerable adults; from wood fuel co-operatives to creating community hubs in former school buildings." 

She added: “Local communities have an enormous amount of talent; enthusiasm; and local knowledge about what is best for their own communities and what the identifiable needs of it are to help it develop further and to flourish.” 

Expert advice will be on hand at the convention from a range of public and third sector services as well as voluntary organisations together with showcases of community projects currently in progress. 

The Convention is from 3pm to 6pm on 8 November and anyone with an interest in rural Inverness communities is welcome.

3 Nov 2016
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