Council to raise concerns on Legislation of Licensing Animal Establishments

Members of The Highland Council’s Community Services Committee have agreed that their Chairman, Cllr Allan Henderson will formally raise concerns with the Scottish Government that Highland is experiencing problems with existing legislation concerning the Licensing of Animals Establishments.

Cllr Henderson said: “A number of the acts are very old and are clearly not fit for purpose as is currently being demonstrated by the many difficulties that our Environmental Health Team are experiencing. A number of the Acts do not contain powers that would be expected in any modern licensing legislation such as the powers for the Council to suspend or revoke a licence. 

“I will be writing to the Scottish Government – with Members’ support - on behalf of The Highland Council’s Community Services Committee to raise our concerns. I will be asking the Government to consider:

  • Our concerns regarding the lack of powers to suspend a licence, and that the relatively short licensing period (calendar year) should be addressed as a matter of urgency through the amendment of primary acts. These amendments to the legislation would bring them into line with a modern regulatory regime.
  • Proposals relating to increased enforcement powers, what activities to licence, and appropriate licensing conditions would streamline the legislation and provide greater consistency."
3 Nov 2016
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