Public praised over new arrangements at Inverness Recycling Centre

The Highland Council’s waste and recycling team are praising householders for their co-operation with the new arrangements at Inverness Recycling Centre, which has led to a decrease of 12% in waste sent to landfill from the site, compared to the same time period last year.

The new arrangements were introduced in May 2016 with the aim to eliminate misuse of the site by businesses, increase recycling and improve skip availability at peak times for householders.  Residents using a van, pick-up truck, sign written vehicle and/or trailer at Inverness Recycling Centre, must first complete a household waste declaration form before using the facility. The new system is also in place at Alness, Dingwall and Wick Recycling Centres.

Waste Management staff have been on-site to help implement the new arrangements and have identified over 200 local businesses illegally using the Recycling Centre which have now been contacted, and informed of their legal obligations regarding their business waste. The Highland Council Recycling Centres are provided for household waste only, and by law, all businesses, regardless of size, have a Duty of Care to dispose of their waste in a responsible manner. Use of a Recycling Centre is classed as a breach of Duty of Care and can lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice.  For a list of waste & recycling contractors operating in their local area, businesses should visit:

Councillor Allan Henderson, Chair of Community Services, said: “Landfilling waste costs much more per tonne than recycling it. So the decrease in waste being sent to landfill as a result of these interventions represents a significant cost saving to the Council both by virtue of the reduced tonnages but also in ensuring that the commercial customers who have been illegally using the site to dispose of their waste (at the taxpayers’ expense) have now been deterred and advised of their legal responsibilities.  We would like to thank all site users for their co-operation whilst the new procedures have been introduced.  Most people using vans, pick-up trucks, sign written vehicles and/or trailers now arrive at the site with their completed form which are available from the Councils website, Service Points, entrance of the Highland Council Depot, 33 Lotland Street or by calling 01349 886603.”

Waste Management staff have also been helping householders maximise recycling, by checking black bags for recyclables and advising householders how the site should be used correctly by separating their items for recycling. As a consequence, the amount of glass and textiles recycled has increased.

Councillor Henderson added, “Common recyclable items often found in black bags include clothing, shoes, electrical or battery operated items, paper, cardboard and glass all of which can be recycled at Recycling Centres. Even small household items like batteries and light bulbs can be recycled. Unwanted items such as toys, books, clothes and bric-a-brac could be used by someone else and can be donated to local charity shops, and helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, as well as support a good cause.”

Householders are advised to sort their items before arriving at the Recycling Centre and to avoid putting them in bin bags. Full details of the range of materials that can be recycled at Inverness and other Recycling Centres can be found on The Council’s website.

Businesses requiring more information about their waste and the law can visit

For further information on recycling and on how to set up a contract for the collection of business waste visit: , email  or call 01349 886603.




7 Nov 2016
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