Club Spòrs returns to Lochaber Gaelic school

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The second phase of a highly popular Gaelic Medium Sports Club (Club Spòrs) has kick-started back at the Gaelic school in Caol by Fort William - Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Loch Abar (BSGL). The Club Spòrs was established in October 2015 and ran until June 2016. 

The Club provides a range of extra-curricular sporting activities for fluent Gaelic speaking children from Primary 1 to Primary 7. The activities take place each Saturday morning with approximately half of the total school roll taking part. The children participate in creative games, dance, indoor hockey, badminton, net-ball as well as taking part in two separate sessions in shinty and football.

The Club is led by three young Gaelic speakers who were educated in Gaelic Medium Education and are now working and volunteering for Highlife Highland.

Parents and children alike have been hugely enthusiastic about the Club and the enthusiasm of the young coaches, Lauren Reid, Stephen MacPhee and Marie Duncan is adding to the success of Club Spòrs.

The Club is set up and organised by the Highland Council Gaelic Team with financial assistance from Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Councillor Hamish Fraser, Chair of the Council’s Gaelic Implementation Group said: “We continue to provide and support Gaelic Medium Education, it is also a priority to support and make provision for the young people to use their language skills and increase their language register beyond the formal class room setting. Club Spòrs is a good example of how Gaelic is mainstreamed as part of the national sporting activities agenda and is also included in the healthy living agenda.” 

Highlife Highland Active Schools have provided Positive Coaching Scotland training as well as ‘Fit for Tops’.

Bridget Thomas, Active Schools Co-ordinator, Highlife Highland said: “Club Spòrs has been a huge success, with a very high proportion of the pupils attending sessions, and great feedback from all the participants.  It’s fantastic to see so many children taking part in physical activity, which is not only great for their health but also develops their confidence and social skills.  Last year 88% of the pupils from BSGLA were involved in school clubs supported by the Active Schools programme, making them the most active primary school in the area.  A huge thanks is due to all the volunteers and coaches involved in this successful programme.”


9 Nov 2016
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