Review into capital projects identifies recent improvements

 The initial findings of a review into the delivery of educational capital projects have identified a number of recent improvements and recommendations are being developed for future arrangements.

 The review commenced in October at the request of the Council Leader following a number of issues with programming and quality in capital projects for new schools.

 The report to Resources Committee today notes recent improvements including the restructure of the Property team and the strengthening of the Estates team to support the improved delivery of the capital programme, as well as the implementation of the Project Management Governance Policy. In relation to the Inverness Royal Academy and Wick Campus projects which are being delivered by HubNorth the Council has been very robust in demanding improved performance.

 The review identified areas where further improvements could be made. These include the clarification of project roles and responsibilities, improvement of governance arrangements and the better communication both internally and with key stakeholders.

 The review will be concluded in January and recommendations will be made to the Resources Committee in February 2017.

 Leader of the Council, Margaret Davidson, who asked for the review, said: “I want to thank the Chief Executive for undertaking this review following the problems we have recently experienced in the delivery of two school projects.

 “The Head Teacher of the Inverness Royal Academy and his staff have done an outstanding job in the face of real difficulties and I also want to thank the Council’s Property team for their excellent work. It has been frustrating for the local community in Wick with the delay of the new campus, however we will not accept the handover of the building until it is up to standard.

 “Contractors in the Highlands are extremely important to the economy and we want to do what we can to support them in delivering high standards. We all hope for a much improved performance in educational projects in the future.”


23 Nov 2016
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