Winter driving advice 

Issued by Police Scotland
The current weather conditions can be challenging for all road users both experienced and inexperienced. Road Policing Inspector Angus Stewart has the following advice for drivers: 

“With the current low temperatures we are reminding drivers that before starting a journey they should clear any ice/snow from all the windows on their vehicles. Drivers should also make sure the interior glass is demisted thoroughly before starting their journey."

“Low winter sun is also an issue at this time of year with the dazzle from it being dangerous. Drivers should use the sun visors fitted to their vehicles and where necessary use sunglasses." 

“In situations of reduced visibility drivers should reduce their speed and extend the distance between them and the vehicle in front. This will not only give them sufficient time to react to what is happening in front of them, but allow then to extend their braking distance so the driver behind also has time to respond.” 

For further advice on safe winter driving and all aspects of road safety please see Police Scotland Website.

28 Nov 2016
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