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Lead On 6 presentation
At the Lead On 6 presentation in Dingwall

Around 48 staff in The Highland Council’s Care and Learning Services have recently completed a training programme aimed at encouraging generic leadership skills.

Jim Steven, Highland Council’s Head of Education welcomed participants to a presentation day held at Dingwall Education Offices on Saturday 3 December.

The “Lead On Programme” involves self-directed training in leadership learning and development which ran from September 2015 to December 2016. Lead On training was first introduced in Highland Council in 2012.

Lead On 6 is a leadership programme that focuses on the management of change. It is intended for anyone at any level within the Council’s Care and Learning Service who wants to develop their leadership skills while undertaking a change initiative in their own establishment or within the wider service. Successful Lead On 6 participants who are registered teachers can apply for professional recognition with the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) as a result of their work.

On Saturday a showcase was held where each participant presented their projects to peers and a wider audience.

Jim Steven presented GTC Scotland Professional Recognition Awards to 43 staff and Lead On certificates to all participants.

Congratulating staff on their achievements Mr Steven said: “Well done to everyone who has completed the Lead On 6 course. You have all shown a true dedication to improving your professional development alongside school work and I am sure that we will all reap the benefits from your endeavours.”

Staff from 33 schools and Area Learning Support Teams; Early Years Principal Teachers, Allied Health Professionals and Pupil Support Services attended the Lead On 6 Learning Showcase at Dingwall.

Councillor Drew Millar, Chair of the Council’s Education, Children and Adult Services Committee said: “I am very impressed with the number of teachers and education staff improving their leadership skills through the ‘Lead On’ training. Given the difficulties of teacher recruitment across the country it is vital that we help our own teachers to progress their careers by giving them these important training opportunities.”

5 Dec 2016
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