Highland Council prepares for second group of refugees

Highland Council is working with COSLA and community planning partners to plan and prepare to welcome a second group of Syrian refugees to the Highlands. 

The Council has agreed with COSLA to take up to 25 - 30 families, over the period of 2015-2020, subject to the confirmation of available housing, health services and education provision in single locations.
Regular meetings are taking place with NHS Highland, Police Scotland, Highland Third Sector Partnership and the Department For Work and Pensions to discuss issues including accommodation, employment, education and health. 

Leader of the Council, Councillor Margaret Davidson said: “Highland has already welcomed five families into our region and we are committed to playing our part in helping resettle more refugees from Syria. We are continuing to work with our key partners to ensure that we are in the best position possible to ensure a smooth transition for refugee families when they arrive.” 

She added, “We expect to receive the second group of refugees in the early months of next year and we are doing everything that we can to be ready to support them adjust to their new lives in the Highlands.” 


9 Dec 2016
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