North West Highlands Geopark Appoints Two New Staff

Issued by the North West Highlands Geopark


The North West Highlands Geopark (NWHG) has recently employed two enthusiastic new team members. Alison MacLeod and Philippa Edwards will be job sharing a full-time position managing the business side of the Geopark. Their roles will encompass Geopark communications, marketing, financial management, fundraising and general administration. They will also be working closely with NWHG’s other full-time team member, Dr Laura Hamlet, assisting with events, tours and information provision throughout the park.


The Rock Stop at Unapool, which houses a Café and shop and the Geopark visitor centre and exhibition

Alison and Philippa come to the Geopark with diverse backgrounds and experience, each bringing different skills to the position.

Alison has recently completed a Masters in Marine Resources and Protection at Heriot Watt University and has returned home to Coigach. She is keen to explore and share the fascinating world of the marine environment, including the little known underwater geology within the Geopark. The Summer Isles particularly harbour a unique geological hidden landscape. Together these features represent a Late Devensian fjord land system. Basins and grooves represent focused subglacial erosion during successive ice-sheet cycles (Stoker et al 2006). 

Philippa has a background in travel/tourism and museum exhibitions. “I live within the Geopark and my family and I enjoy spending time outdoors in this magnificent landscape. I am excited to have this opportunity to help visitors to the area engage with our unique environment, as well as contribute to the work the Geopark does to benefit local communities” said Philippa on her appointment.

NWHG Chairman Cllr George Farlow said; “We are delighted to welcome Alison and Philippa to the team. It is fantastic to see two young women with such valuable skills and experience employed locally. The NWHG has achieved so much over the past decade but we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. We must focus on making the UNESCO status work for the region’s communities”.

Dr Laura Hamlet said; “We have ambitious plans for the next year with a packed events schedule of walks and talks as well as Soil fertility research, improving our visitor centre and writing a new guidebook. I think we have a very strong team in place now to achieve these plans so I’m very much looking forward to working with Alison and Philippa.”

Coigach Community Director, Ann MacLeod was enthusiastic about the new appointments. She said “Alison and Philippa have strong community connections; the knowledge and enthusiasm they bring is sure to be an asset to our unique UNESCO Geopark. Community Directors strive to ensure the the NWHGis an intergral part of life in the communities we serve and we look forward to the exciting opportunities our enhanced team plan to deliver in 2017 for the benefit of the whole area”.

What is the North West Highlands Geopark?

The North West Highlands Geopark is a social enterprise and charity whose purpose is to promote Geotourism, Conservation and Interpretation of the Geological Heritage of the North West Highlands. It is a UNESCO Global Geopark, a designation equal to World Heritage Site status.

The NWHG comprises an area of 2000 square kilometres in the most sparsely populated corner of Europe.  It shares the common aim of all geoparks to tell the story of our landscape and make it accessible to visitors from primary school to research science and beyond. This in turn helps to bring resources into sensitive rural areas, creating jobs and supporting small businesses.

The NWHG exists to Explore Deep Time, Evoke a Sense of Place and Encourage Stewardship.  This means encouraging adventures for everyone which helps people connect with the land and feel responsible for maintaining its beauty, wildlife and resources. It is currently implementing a five year plan to continue to promote landscape interpretation, adventure activities and educational projects.

For more information please visit or contact Dr Laura Hamlet 01854 622 754 or 07828 894 030tel: (01854) 622754 mob:  07828894030tel: (01854) 622754 mob:  07828894030tel: (01854) 622754 mob:  07828894030

12 Dec 2016
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