River Ness Flood Scheme gets a Royal Overview


The River Ness Flood Scheme received a Royal Overview by HRH The Earl of Inverness on Tuesday 13 December, when he visited the view point of the North Tower to get an eagle’s eye view of the award winning flood scheme and the city of Inverness. 

The River Ness has burst its banks numerous times throughout history often with devastating consequences.  The most disruptive event occurred in 1989 when the railway viaduct was swept away with the floods.  More recent flood events were encountered in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2011, and indeed two flood events were encountered during the construction of the works, that whilst contained, did cause localised flooding. 

The scheme offers a 1 in 100 year level of protection and alleviates flooding to some 800 houses and 200 businesses. 

The Highland Council submitted a grant application on the 21st December 2011, making an application for 80% funding for the River Ness (Tidal) Flood Alleviation Scheme.  Scottish Government confirmed funding support in February 2012. 

Due to the major construction works to be undertaken, the scheme also offered the opportunity to upgrade the streetscape environment and incorporate enhanced footways and cycleways.  

Public art opportunities also exist and are being progressed in parallel. 

The Scheme was entered and won a Saltire Award in 2015 for the quality of the project. 

The Provost of Inverness welcomed HRH The Earl of Inverness to the Town House to unveil a special plaque to mark his visit. 

She said: “I am delighted to welcome His Royal Highness, The Earl of Inverness to Inverness. I hope he enjoyed his visit this morning to the castle hill viewing platform in the North Tower, with such splendid views over the city. He will certainly have had a bird’s eye view of the award winning flood scheme and the beautiful new surroundings of the River Ness as well as views over the whole of Inverness.

“Projects, such as the castle, the North Tower and the River Ness Flood Scheme add significantly to the attractions of the ‘capital of the Highlands’, Inverness, as a fabulous tourist destination.  

“Inverness and the whole Highland area will also benefit from the recent City-Region Deal and this will enable us to continue to strengthen economic growth and vibrancy in the region well into the future.” 



13 Dec 2016
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