Christmas has been extended in Lochaber

Highland Council is to leave its Christmas tree on display in the Parade, Fort William, due to a local Pigeon taking up residence in its branches.

Council Community Services staff that went to remove the tree and lights - discovered the ‘festive fowl’ has nested and laid an egg.

SNH have advised that the nest and bird could be evicted, however local Ward Members have taken the decision to leave it and the council will remove the tree once the Pigeon has abandoned the nest.

In the meantime the tree and lights will remain with the lights switched off and a sign will be erected to notify the public why the tree is still in place.

Councillor Thomas MacLennan, Lochaber Committee Chair said: “Although the Pigeon is not a protected species, myself and fellow Ward Members Cllrs Baxter, Gormley and Murphy decided to leave the bird in peace.

“Who knows, by next Christmas there might also be Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in our Christmas tree!”

18 Jan 2017
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